Older people who are growing older with each passing day worry the most about one thing, that is, what will they leave for their children and grandchildren after they die? But if there is no one to look after them, they probably worry about their funeral expenses. Everyone deserves a peaceful death, not the one with a heavy heart. Burial Insurance can solve their problems to a great extent. Different companies offer different schemes for people of different ages!

What is Burial Insurance?

Burial Insurance is different from life insurance; it provides short-term benefits after death for the funeral expenses to the beneficiary, who can be a person of your choice. The amount of money left after the completion of funeral activities can be given to your loved ones, to secure a better future for them or can be donated to NGOs.


How to apply for Burial Insurance?

Not everyone can access the Burial Insurance coverage immediately.

  • There are some diseases which can be approved according to the policies of different companies like obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart attack and many more.
  • But if you have some serious health conditions, your coverage will probably start after a year or two.
  • There are different insurance policies offered by different companies, depending on your age, health condition and gender.
  • All you have to do is fill the application and submit it to the insurance company, who will write back to you regarding these plans. Or if you face any difficulty in going through the process, you can use your licensed agent. He can do most of the work on your demand and will not even cost you anything.
  • You can choose the plan which suits your requirements the most, you can either pay monthly an amount of $50 approximately and can get up to $10,000 at the time of a funeral or pay every year.


Living the last years of your life stressing about everything is not worth it! Like everyone else, you deserve the peace that you have spread to the world in your entire lifetime. By collecting the money today, you can brighten the future of your loved ones in the future. Till the time you are earning a fair deal of money, make sure you keep them somewhere safe for your better treatment in the older years. Burial Insurance is a good deal!