Since its acquisition by Facebook, Youtube has been renewed incessantly: its latest innovation is theYoutube Stories (or Stories ofYoutube ). What is this new function about? What is it for? What are the criticisms you have received? All that and much more, we tell you in this post why to Buy Buy Cheap Youtube Views.

Youtube Views

What is youtube Stories?

Recently the teamYoutube announced the launch of a new feature, ( StoriesYoutube ). Its main quality is to give users the possibility to create short videos, which disappear after 24 hours from its publication. But that’s not all: people can also add drawings, stickers, and emoji to decorate their videos. As for the disappearance of content after 24 hours, developers say its purpose is to allow users to share informal posts about their daily activities. In the words of the Youtube team, “This new feature allows you to share all the moments of the day, not just the ones you want to keep in your profile.

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