Roku channels provide a lot of great and enjoyable entertainment. Some of the common networks to watch roku channels are Hulu Plus, Netflix, and etc. However, there’s a lot more of entertainment and other material waiting for you to access on a Roku. Most of the viewer’s know that there are best roku channels out there but, what they do not know is that they do not have to cost! You did not know that, did you?! You can add different private channels on your rokus from anywhere. Keep reading to find out about that channels and how to access them free of cost.

Private Channels for Roku

Your regular roku channels are approved and reviewed however, the private roku channels are neither approved nor reviewed by Roku. The Roku private channels have independent distributors and only need to abide by the developer agreement of Roku. There is no other difference between a regular and a private Roku channel. They are the same and what you need to realize here is that for a private Roku channel, developers do not seek re-approval because they try to work out some kink and do not wish to make changes to the original content.

If you have accessed the right private channel then you will get the content that has been prepared with the same level of professionalism. Get the right code for the private Roku channel and you are good to go.

Installing Private Roku Channels

Getting a Private Roku channel is a very simple and easy process. Follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the Roku website and sign in to your Roku account then move to “My Account” There you will find the option “Manage Account” where you can add a link to “Add a Private Channel”.


  1. You will be directed to “Add A Private Channel” page where you will need to enter the code


  1. Your code should be valid. Upon entering the code you will be able to access the private channel within 24 hours and if you wish immediate access then go to “System Update” and then click on “Check Now”. After the updated has completed you will gain access to the private channel.

Top Roku Private Channels

  • Nowhere TV

You can find terrific content on this channel, consisting of an entire section devoted to Astronomy, Current Affairs, and News &Politics etc. On this channel you can find free stream of Conan and other shows along with content from the Adult Swim section of The Cartoon Network etc.

Code: H9DWC


  • Nowhere Archive

This is a hugely enjoyable sister channel of the Nowhere TV. Those who get a kick out of kitschy little knick-knacks will love this channel as you can scam away the hours watching old timey television. Bonanza and The Lucy Show etc. and many more can be accessed.

Code: NMJS5


  • CNN International

This channel is strictly devoted to bring CNN International to Roku watcher. You should be able to access a live-stream of CNN International on Nowhere TV.  This will keep you in touch with reporting on important news and developments around the globe.