Gardening is fun,hobby and profession of peoples. However, greenery attracts all. Everyone wants to green,trimmed and landscaped garden to give anenergetic look. So if one wants to start gardening on his own or want to adopt as a profession, he or she should have proper tools. Tools are like a right hand for a gardener. There are many gardening toolsavailable. Every tool has different benefits and usage. Yet it is impossible to collect all of the tools,but one should have following five tools.



Pitchfork is also known as Hayfork. Traditionally Pitchfork is used to handle or lift hay. However how days it is used to dig. It has a sharp needle to dig down and hard material. It is also used for lifting roots and for diving overgrown plants.


The trowel is another important gardening tool. It is one of the handy tools basically used for digging and softening the ground for sowing small plants. That comes with a wooden handle to give easy and strong grip. It is also used for digging small holes. Nowadays there are plastic handles too. Trowels are no doubt one of the durable most tools for gardening.

3-Watering Can:

No gardening is complete without watering. SO for spot gardening, one must have a watering can. Watering can is normally in plastic and in steel with a longer spout. As we know, they are in steel, but people find them hard to handle so now people prefer plastic watering can. Yet there are copper and brass can, and both are equally attractive.

4-Pruners:During gardening one need to cut some extra shrubs,over grown plant or damaged leaves. So for cutting them or even reshaping some on need scissors and normal sessions won’t work here. So one will definitely need pruners. This is the type of scissors.These scissors have thick plastic handles to handle soothingly. They are used to cut thick leaves and hard stems.


Edger resembles with lawn mowers in some ways. However, it is lightweight and narrower than lawn mowers. These edges are used to trim the corners. Edger is used to reshaping corners and edges. These can be operated manually and through motors.


Spade is another popular tool for lifting and digging. It is a long tool with a spatula at one end and wooden handle on the other end. It is used to soften the ground and to break some lumps in the soils. Spades and forks come together and are paired mostly. Spades are required at the very beginning of gardening.

There are many other gardening tools like soaker hose to sprinkle water.wheelbarrow is also used in gardening for carrying plants or soil from one part to another. Interesting wheelbarrow is used for decoration as a container as it gives an ancient look. The best thing is that one should be using them correctly and intelligently.