Transport and logistics system of Russia is a complicated one with lots of restrictions and formalities. A mere outsider cannot carry out a transportation task without knowing about the formalities and knowing about the place of transport and it’s weather. Russia’s rules and regulations are quite strict and involves harsh punishments and penalties. Thus one has to have a concise knowledge about its transportation system before getting indulged in it. A person can gather such information from any of the many transportation service providers in Russia. This article highlights a brief overview about the transport system in Russia.

Transport  Rusland

The system of Delivery duty paid transport rusland or the transport system of Russia is a simple yet very hectic type of system. Hectic in the sense that it has a lot of formalities in the entire process of transporting goods and logistics. Since the government officials are very determined and strict, you cannot escape by altering documents required in a trip. To ease up all these formalities, one can choose to get help or get the entire transportation done by transport companies dwelling and operating from inside Russia. Such companies have experience and expertise in all these formalities and procedures and they can lessen the burden of transportation from both importer and exporter. Thus they can be termed as the most reliable source of goods transportation service or get goods transported legally with ease. One such company with such expertise in providing customised logistics for goods transport and expert trade solutions is IMNEX.

A lot of documentation is required for a goods or logistics transport in Russia. These include:

  • a commercial invoice
  • a packing list
  • bill of lading
  • export document
  • special regulations Russia etc.

IMNEX is globally connected to most of Europe which includes France, Finland, UK etc. with Russia, Ukraine and Poland as it’s destination specialist. It provides with solutions of trade and transportation to traders and manufacturers who want to do trade and business in Russia. They provide transport services such as transportation via airways, roadways, railways and waterways.

The major transport solutions of IMNEX are based on issues like groupage shipment, partial lots and complete loads. Apart from these, it also offers other types of transport solutions or secondary services like:

  • Direct representation
  • Insurances
  • Digital POD
  • Digital invoice etc.
  • Backorders, Next deliveries and warranty parts Russia.
  • Delivery duty paid shipments
  • Trading house solutions