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Free shipping on orders above 150$

If you are making a purchase from purple meeple games then you will get free shipping on any order above 150 Australian dollars. However, they only ship within Australia and does not ship internationally at the moment. The delivery takes 1 or 2 business days usually so you need not have to wait long before you can receive your order.

Not satisfied with the game? Just return it

In case you are not satisfied with the game you received then purple meeple games make sure they take care of their customers. You can return the package back to the provided address and only pay for both way shipping. You will receive your refund within a week. If you receive any faulty item from the store then an immediate return and refund will be processed by the store so you need not worry about those things when you order from this store.

 Board games for different age groups

Purple meeple games have board games for different age groups and you can search their shop according to your age to end up with the best possible game for you. This can be a great gift to any of your dear ones. You can even sort the board games on the basis of difficulty level which is mentioned along with each game.

Thus, if you are a board game lover or want to gift someone a board them then definitely check this store out to find the best possible options. This is a budget-friendly site and has the widest variety of board games as compared to any other store.