The 21st century is full of people who are looking to dupe you out of your hard earned money. Though people try their best to be careful of such people yet, they are not able to save themselves from the evil desires of these people. One of the cases which attracted the attention of people in recent days is when some people have tricked a lot of people of their hard earned money in the name of the holy Kumbh. It is being estimated that crores of money were being involved in this scam. If you want to know more about the case then do read below.

Two people were being arrested in the area of Gomtinagar by the police in the state capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. The case was for the fake tender they were being endorsed for the tourism department. The arrest of these tricksters was made in this weekend by the city’s police department. It is said that these people have also looted a businessman from Mumbai for over 35 lacs.

The mastermind of the game

The mastermind if the whole process is said to be umashankar tiwari prayagraj he was the one who devised the plan with which they were looting people in the name of Modi and Yogi dream Project. Though he is now in the jail of Naini near the city of Prayagraj, has conspired the whole plan and has asked for his share from the crores which were being collected. The game has now come out and it resulted in the hiding of three more people who were involved in the whole of the business.

People involved

There were a number of people who were being involved in the whole of the business. The inspector who is in charge of the whole case tells media that this fraud has been initialized by a resident of Narigaon, Anuj Tripathi who took the alliance of umashankar tiwari allahabad. These two have been supported by Alok Mishra and Gaurav Upadhyay. Rajendra Kumar Pandey was also one of the accused who is involved in the whole of the case, a sim card, and a mobile phone was made available to him when he was in jail. With this, he made a tender on the social media which involved a lot of people and hence duped them of their money.