Quran was sent to us by Allah Almighty through Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It is a blessing that was bestowed on the Muslims by Allah Almighty. Quran is a way of guidance for all mankind. Quran is the divine book of Allah. It is the complete code of conduct. Even though we need the worldly education but Quran teaches us about Islam which teaches us the proper way to life our life on this earth. Quran is the best of all educations and acquiring the knowledge of Quran is mandatory for all Muslims. To learn Quran is the solution to all our problems.

Quran and early life of a Muslim

Quran is an important part of a Muslims life. He follows it to succeed in life and get the better in the hereafter. He believes that the life in this world can only be lived in the proper way through following the Quran, which is true in all ways. Quran contains all the necessary information that a person needs regarding all the aspects of life. Muslims start learning Quran at a very young age. Developing the love for Quran at a young age bring the child closer to his creator. The child develops a sense of attachment with the word of Allah Almighty and feels his presence with him at all times. You can teach your kid how to read Quran by yourself or hire some Ulma to teach your kids for you. Today with the help of the internet there are many Ulma that have online Quran classes for kids which you can sign up for anything during the day. The classes are ongoing and this is very helpful for the working parents who don’t have free time on their hands.